g New York State Special Commission on Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Compensation

New York State Special Commission on Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Compensation

Mitra Hormozi

Mitra Hormozi served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Revlon, Inc., from April 2015 to July 2019, responsible for overseeing the Company's worldwide legal affairs. Ms. Hormozi also acted as the Company's Interim Chief Human Resources Officer from October 2018 to February 2019. Prior to joining Revlon, Ms. Hormozi was a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder and Kirkland and Ellis, respectively. Previously, Ms. Hormozi served as Deputy Chief of Staff to then New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo. Ms. Hormozi also served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, where she became Chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering section. Since December 2018, Ms. Hormozi has served as a director of Athene Holding Ltd. which is a NYSE-listed company that offers and reinsures retirement savings products. Ms. Hormozi is also a consultant for Revlon, Inc. With her background, Ms. Hormozi has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors of the legal field, as well as senior executive and business experience. Ms. Hormozi also currently sits on the Board of New York University School of Law's Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement. Ms. Hormozi received a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. Ms. Hormozi is an appointee of the Governor.